First off, the administration and staff at Emergency Response Gaming would like to thank you for visiting our website. This clan is here to set a new precedent for all other GTA V role-playing clans not only for it's professionalism, but for the overall respect and pride that takes place in our role-playing. This clan offers an immersive role-playing experience unlike any other clan. Here are a few examples:

  • Realistic Police, Fire, and EMS ranks are put into place in our structure.
  • Realistic 10-Codes are used within all of our role-playing patrols.
  • We have a ZERO-TOLERANCE Drama Policy which helps members relax and enjoy role-playing.
  • Ultra-Realistic scripts and in-game server-side modifications that amplify the realism experience.
  • And So Much More...

The Administration and members truly do hope you choose this clan to be your next home for role-playing. While here, we create bonds that no other clan could even imagine having. Friendships are made here and so are some well deserved promotions and that's just the least of it. We hope to see you in game and enjoying yourself in no time!

ERG Clan BoD